Our mission

To show kids with special needs and circumstances that life is only limited by their imagination, and to give them new tools and skills, along with love and support, to inspire them to become anything they
can dream.

Our Goals

To provide every child with special needs a chance to experience the fun, freedom, creativity and love that happens during a week at Camp LIGHT, to contribute to the area’s economic vitality by attracting an anticipated 20,000+ visitors through CWF building tours, conference facilities and event resources, and to produce a facility that showcases cutting-edge energy conservation, energy production and environmental responsibility.

Our Founding Sponsors

Our founding sponsors, a then 90 year old gentleman and his wife named Walton and Ada Thompson. Three years ago they believed in our dreams and mission. Walton feels very strongly that “helping those who are trying to make a difference in this world is what we need more of”. He and his lovely wife Ada, who passed away in July, 2013, donated a portion of the land to Creative Works Farm Inc., Camp LIGHT and sold the remainder to Scott and Cathy Balsley for a very reasonable amount. When we approached Walton with the idea, he stated that the farm was not for sale but it was for sale to us. With a love of children and the support from family and friends the hard work began and continues today.

Because of the Thompson’s generosity, the beauty of Camp LIGHT will be around for children and the community to use for an eternity. Walton, now 93 years old, is very proud of all of his accomplishments; a Merchant Marine, husband, brother, uncle, friend and generous man. What a way to leave a legacy. Generations to come will hear his story and want to follow in his footsteps.

Walton Thompson, I Hope we always make you proud, by following the example you have set for others. We remind them that the 3 R’s are important to you in this world today- Respect, Responsibility, and Reality!

God Bless you,

Scott and Cathy Balsley

Charity truly is habit forming……what a nice habit to have!

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