Our wish list contains products that we need at Creative Works Farm and Camp LIGHT.  There are construction needs, camp supply needs, and needs for product for events. Please check out our list to see how you can help! If you can help with any of these things, please contact us.  Remember, donations are tax-deductible!  Feel free to share the list to spread the word.

Wish list for Camp LIGHT

LEGOs!  If you have Legos you no longer need, consider giving them a new home with us!  Building with Legos improves fine motor skills, encourages creativity, helps develop verbal and non-verbal communication, and collaborative problem solving. We are planning some fun lego activities this summer and need lots of them!

Arts and craft, office, activity supplies, and other items:

We will continue to need arts and crafts supplies for summer camp activities, and outdoor fun items. These items are purchased in large quantities and are difficult to put on a wish list.  Items we will be purchasing in bulk are things like tees and tie dye materials, paints, brushes, canvases, and other art supplies,  hoola hoops and noodles, sports balls, items used for our nature hike, items for sensory activities, and things like that. If you would like to make a cash donation to go towards these items specifically, please let us know that you would like your donation to be used for supplies.  If you would rather purchase the items, please contact us at wishlist@camplight.org.

Items for the 50’s town area:

We are looking for 50’s decor to use for the various stores throughout the town area.  We want to create the feeling you are stepping back in time into a real 50’s town.  If you have vintage items you wish to donate to help us create the nostalgic feel, please contact us to see if we can use.  We are looking for every day items from the era, from signs to displays to merchandise. All donated items are tax deductible at the current value of the item.

Stores that we need to decorate:

  • 50’s diner
  • record store
  • post office
  • garage
  • barber/beauty shop
  • fire and rescue station
  • general store
  • pool hall and arcade
  • photo shop/camera store
  • town hall
  • and more!


Construction supplies:

If your business is interested in donating product, machinery, or man power, please let us know.  We are in our second building phase right now and have many construction projects coming up.  Our 50’s town and barn area are just two of the projects that are going on or in the planning stages.  Please call Scott at (540)457-4000 to discuss how your business can help Camp LIGHT!

Misc items will be used for additions to Twizted Creationz Haunted Attraction, our biggest annual fundraiser for Camp LIGHT. We can re-purpose used items, use odd quantities, or make flawed items usable. If you wish to donate any construction items, contact Scott at (540)457-4000 for details. This is some of what we are looking for:

  • 2×4’s, any length
  • 4×8′ plywood or smaller
  • Outdoor electrical wiring
  • Caulk
  • Outdoor acrylic latex paint
  • Paint brushes, rollers
  • Zip ties
  • Fencing panels