Camp LIGHT is a summer day camp program for individuals with special needs and at risk youth.  Our mission is to show kids with special needs and circumstances that life is only limited by their imagination, and to give them new tools and skills, along with love and support, to inspire them to become anything they can dream. When school is out for the summer, kids still need an environment that keeps them active, learning, and growing.  Summer camp is a great place for children to improve social skills, stay active and moving, and have fun!  We want individuals with special needs to be able to participate in activities that their peers are able to participate in and create an environment where they can feel safe and loved while learning new skills and reaching outside of their comfort zone.  Camp LIGHT is offered to families at no cost so that children with medical, physical, behavioral, and other special needs, as well as at risk youth, have the opportunity to participate in the program despite their financial situation. Campers get to participate in activities like archery, swimming, horseback riding, animal management, gardening, nature exploration, fishing, arts and crafts, outdoor sports, and more! Programs will help release the emotional, physical, and financial burdens caused by serious childhood illnesses, and will provide a peer network that reaches far beyond the LIGHT of a summer campfire.

Camp LIGHT's programs are supported through donations, foundations, grants, and annual fundraisers like our live auction, fall corn maze, and Christmas Wonderland. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support us through donations or volunteering, feel free to reach out to us!