Become a Sponsor

We have year-round fundraisers and events that generate lots of traffic to our facility. Our sponsors help us with these events financially, through product donations and through community service hours. 

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Building Sponsors

Great things are happening fast at Creative Works Farm! As we build the future of Camp LIGHT, we want you to be a part of it! We are looking for investors to sponsor buildings and programs as we expand. Many sponsorships include naming rights—a great way to show the community that you believe in our vision to improve the lives of children throughout the area.

1950’s Town Main Street Naming Rights

Remember when times were simpler? Families spent quality time together and communities celebrated with their neighbors. “Adaville” is a step back in time to a town in the 50’s. Stores are designed to be used as activity space at Camp LIGHT, like the barber shop which is used for fun makeup and hair, the record store to make videos and mix sound, the billiards room as a game room, etc. During the other parts of the year, the town serves as a special events area, with many of our annual fundraisers centered around this area. Once completed, we expect over 25,000 visitors to this area of the farm annually. Building construction for Adaville has been completed and is currently in use for summer camp. We still have decorating to do and a few future additions before the town is complete.

$50,000 per main street building for your business to sponsor a store. 

Stores on Main Street include:

Town Hall, Gas Station, Fire Department, Barber Shop, General Store with Post Office, Record Store, Billiards Room, Diner, and more.


State-of-the-art facility:

Our final building phase will allow for around 600 children with special needs and circumstances to attend summer camp every year in an overnight stay facility, all at no charge to their families. We will also offer family respite weekends, corporate retreats, and other events in our state-of-the-art facility. Gifts can be made to sponsor different buildings, which will be part of the completed facility.

  • Naming Rights for the Entire Facility ($1.5 Million Gift)
  • Naming Rights for the Dining Hall ($500,000 Gift)
  • Naming Rights for the Outdoor Amphitheater/Stage ($250,000)
  • Naming Rights for the Aquatic Center ($250,000)
  • Naming Rights for the Medical Complex ($150,000)
  • Naming Rights for the Barn ($150,000)
  • Naming Rights for the 50’s Town ($150,000)
  • Naming Rights on the Sports Complex ($150,000, Sports Courts, Challenge Course, & Zip Line)
  • Naming Rights on the Arts Center (Includes the Computer Lab) ($100,000, 15 computer stations)
  • Naming Rights on One or More of the 6 Cabins ($100,000/Cabin)